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With a theme, you give a gift to your guests ! Get out of the ordinary, three of our themes adapt very well to make your wedding a memorable event.

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Hollywood wedding

Your guests are the stars arrived on the red carpet , greeted by fans , paparazzi. We are all gathered for the wedding of two movie stars … You !
The ” Zoscars ” will be awarded to the best …
Including decorations , photo- projector – screen more …

Tropical wedding

You get married on a tropical island and you bring all your guests under the palms . Playing ” Factor del Risquo Latino ” one of the tribes , composed of your guests will be chosen to come and live with you this island paradise. Including decorations, photo-projector – screen and more ..

Medieval Wedding / New France

The ” monsignors ” and ” Gentes ladies ” go find it! Two royal families will now allied for the Prince and Princess of two different countries will unite their destiny tonight by the bonds of marriage. Some games and crazy king- will be on hand , but if you please, leave your horse outside.
Including decorations , photo- projector – screen more …

Project Detail
3 January 2015