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Golf tournament


With a theme, it rolls better !

Your participants are invited to many tournaments. Make yours different with a character – animator on the ground, pictures, video scenario, all tailored to your customers !

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Hans Birren:
He offers his region that is the Swiss-German. Despite his accent, he made us laugh. Omm-pa pa and medley await you.

Far West

Arizona Mike:
” Howdy Cowboy” , I may speak poorly the French , but I can still teach you everything “qu’elle faut” know to survive in the Wild West. Then quickly put on your boots and your hat, I take care of cactus, haystacks and aussi of the horse if necessary! “


Maurice Lapolice:
Goofy policeman of the special squad of the ” Smooth – Skin ” in your area. A good idea to have to ensure the safety of your event. We saw so much in golf tournaments , company cocktails, a human accessory in corporate salons.





Don Bobonom:
The chief Italian mafiosi will be friendly. Very calm , he’s happy to see you, la familia being reunited . He is wanted , but thanks to its casino , it has the means to buy the silence.

Peace and Love

Jim Flowers:
Hey maaaan ! Welcome to the peace years. It’s easy for your friends to dress up to participate in games of this being psychedelic condoms … maaaaan.

RGS and Arnold Putter

Arnold Putter, Golfeur Écossaibécois:
Famous golf specialist and winner of several PGA tournaments ( pushers Pranks Anonymous ). He gives you advice , the brighter the more zany , in developing your strategy game. Just see, your participants poufferont laughing ..






Reporteur de RGSIMG_6575


Ramonn-Carlos Ericles-Calorr:
He loves you. His Latin blood makes him a seducer … missed. He’s fortunate that you came to spend your tropical vacation with him on his little island of Cayo-Golfo .


Texte Zolympiade.

Project Detail
3 January 2015
Tournoi de golf
Tournoi de golf